Covid-19 Guidelines

Each member will have to confirm that he/she has not travelled to /residing in red or containment zones and have not come in contact with Covid positive person in last 14 days. Also the member will also have to confirm that he/she does not have travel history to/from any foreign country/within India in last 14 days. This will have to be confirmed before registering and joining for the event.

At the time of joining the trip, The person should not be having any influenza related symptoms like fever, weakness, body pain, cold, cough etc. Oxygen saturation will be checked before boarding the vehicle. If at all, it is found out that the person is showing any of these symptoms and/or the oxygen and temperature levels are not as per required standards then he/she would be asked not to participate on medical grounds and would be asked to leave there itself taking into consideration the welfare of the group.

Each member will have to carry face masks, gloves and a hand sanitizer mandatorily. Please do make sure to take back the used/unused masks with you post the event.

The Masks need to be used throughout the trip, while interacting with others and social distancing will have to be followed.

Avoid touching the surfaces with bare hands and do use the sanitizers if you have touched any surface by mistake or otherwise. We recommend not touching your face at all throughout the trip.

We recommend you to wear Bandana/Buff/ headgear/cap, closed shoes, full sleeves shirts and full trousers in order to minimize the exposure of virus to your body parts.

Smoking, drinking, eating Pan Masala, Gutkha is strictly prohibited as it induces sniffing, coughing, vomiting.

People above 50 years of age and those who have pre existing diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension will not be allowed to participate.

If at all, you have tested positive within 14 days after the event is over, it is mandatory to inform the organizers about the same, so they can inform and alert other people in the group. This will enable them to follow the medical/government protocols/norms applicable in this situation.

Please bring all the essential things with you. Avoid sharing things with other people or ask others for anything,

While waiting for our vehicle, we advise you to avoid public/crowded places.

You can carry use own plate, spoon and glass for the safety purposes.

Please note that we will be conducting our events taking into consideration the rules and regulations set up by Government and local Authorities. In case of any last minute announcements and changes, we will have to adhere to the same keeping in mind welfare of everyone. We may have to cancel the event or make necessary changes in the plan and the same shall be informed to participants in advance.

For events outside Maharashtra, Please note that you may be required to produce a Covid-19 Negative certificate depending upon the existing rules and regulations.

Living with Covid is a new normal and we have to accept it and move forward to follow our passion to travel. Therefore, we would expect everyone to be transparent about their medical history/conditions. This will help us to protect and take care of ourselves in better way.

Rules & Regulations

Smoking & Drinking are strictly prohibited on our events. Anyone found in the possession of the same or consuming it will be expelled from the event and no REFUND would be provided.

While conducting an event, Tour Organisers are not responsible for the changes in the Itineraries depending upon the circumstances. His/her Decisions will be final & binding. No Arguments will be entertained.

Littering is not at all allowed. Please Carry Personal Waste Bags. Please try to avoid Using Plastic.

Please respects the locals/Monks in Monasteries & do ask/take their permissions before taking their photographs.

It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group, in the event of any ‘deviation’ by the participant without the consent of the Trek/ Tour Leader, he/she/they will be considered as ‘Independent/s’ and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.

Events are designed taking into consideration Normal Weather. In case of sudden changes in the weather, Tour/Trek leader’s decisions will be final & binding on all participants.

Please note that any Additional costs (Stay, Food Etc.) because of Flight Cancellation due to Bad Weather or any other reason beyond control & any Medical costs arising out of Illness / Hospitalization/Altitude Sickness etc. will have to be borne by Participants.

Tripper Journeys is not responsible for the Safety & loss of any Personal belongings of the participants.

Please follow all the instructions given by the Tour/Trek Leader to ensure that the event is completed well on time & nobody is injured/Harmed/ affected during the event.

Participant shall not hold Tripper Journeys or team associated with it for any tour, wholly or partially responsible in case of any Loss, Damage, Accident, Sickness, Mishap, Injuries or Death on the tour & for any conditions/actions beyond Tripper Journey’s control for e.g. Flight Cancellations, Roadblocks etc.