Registration & Confirmation for the Event:

  1. Registration is confirmed subject to the payment of the Tour/Trek Advance as specified.
  2. The Balance payment will have to be done 15 days before the Event Date.

Cancellation & Refund Policies:

In case of Long Events (Duration: 2 or more Days)

  1. Cancellation Prior to 45 Days of the Event Dates then 75% of the Event amount would be refunded
  2. If done between 30-44 days, then 60% of the Event amount would be refunded
  3. If done between 15-29 days, then 30% of the Event amount would be refunded
  4. If done between 10-15 days, 15% of the Event amount would be refunded
  5. Less than 10 days: No refund for Any cancellation

In case of Short Events (Duration: 1 day)

  1. If cancellation is done prior to 10 Days of the Event Dates, then 80% of the tour amount would be refunded
  2. If done prior to 5 days, 50% would be refunded
  3. No refund for Any cancellation within 5 days of Actual Event

Payment Terms & Conditions:

  • If any event is cancelled due to pandemic/bad weather/ political uncertainties/ Natural calamities or any other reasons beyond our control, then refund will be payable to the party depending upon the refund policy as mentioned above. We will always try for best possible refund.
  • Tripper Journeys will not be responsible for any loss incurred because of cancellation of Air/Train Tickets booking done for events.
  • If Tripper Journeys cancels the event, in the absence of sufficient bookings or any other reasons and transfer of the advance amount is done, the refund will be transferred to the participant after deducting the train/flight ticket cancellation charges and nominal booking charges.
  • In case of the cancellation by the participant, if he/she wants to transfer the booking amount to other events then only the refund amount applicable would be transferable and transfer of booking is entirely discretion of Tripper Journeys Management.